Ultimate Fan

Build your legacy. Begin your fantasy.

Fantasy Football meets Pack Openings

Leaderboards decide legends.

Free-to-Play contests with £300,000 worth of prize money up for grabs. Build your legacy, crush the competition, become a legend, claim your prize. Have you got what it takes?

Ready for the drop?

Build your team by opening packs. Is there a star player waiting inside yours?

Make top managerial decisions and moves.

Use your football knowledge to pick the best players from your packs to earn points.

Euro Internationals Gameweek

UF with a twist for the Euro Internationals. Pack an International team card, plus use your PL squad to play for a share of £5,000.

Unlock exclusive content + guaranteed gold packs with UltimateFan+

Build the ultimate squad by tapping into exclusive content, game tips and stats, plus additional weekly pack drops within the UltimateFan+ Subscription.

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Fan Fantasy Football Trailer

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