European Internationals Gameweek
UltimateFan is going international again this week, with £5,000 up for grabs!

UltimateFan is going international again this week, with £5,000 up for grabs!

Whilst the league takes an international break, you’ve got the chance to use your European players in their respective international contests.

Players across European countries will rack up points, under the standard scoring system, in the upcoming world cup qualifiers. City’s English assets, Leicester’s Belgian duo, Chelsea’s Spanish stars, and many more could be in line for a huge points haul.

In Tuesday’s pack drop you’ll receive a European country to add to your team ahead of the Gameweek deadline at 5pm GMT on Thursday 11 November. If you kept hold of your European team card from the last international break, then now is the time to get it back in to your line-up.

All players will be listed in your squad as usual, and you’ll need to select the Europeans amongst them who are off on international duty.

And before setting your team… Check the international fixtures for those double Gameweek matches!

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Gameweek Fixture Information

This Gameweek includes all competitive European international fixtures taking place from Thursday 11 November to Tuesday 16 November. The full list of included fixtures is below.

Thursday 11 November

Azerbaijan vs Luxembourg / Georgia vs Sweden / Russia vs Cyprus / Armenia vs North Macedonia / Republic of Ireland vs Portugal / Greece vs Spain / Malta vs Croatia / Slovakia vs Slovenia / Romania vs Iceland / Germany vs Liechtenstein

Friday 12 November

Moldova vs Scotland / Northern Ireland vs Lithuania / Italy vs Switzerland / Denmark vs Faroe Islands / Austria vs Israel / Andorra vs Poland / Hungary vs San Marino / England vs Albania

Saturday 13 November

Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Finland / Norway vs Latvia / Turkey vs Gibraltar / France vs Kazakhstan / Wales vs Belarus / Belgium vs Estonia / Montenegro vs Netherlands

Sunday 14 November

Malta vs Slovakia / Slovenia vs Cyprus / Croatia vs Russia / Liechtenstein vs Romania / Armenia vs Germany / North Macedonia vs Iceland / Luxembourg vs Republic of Ireland / Portugal vs Serbia / Greece vs Kosovo / Spain vs Sweden

Monday 15 November

Northern Ireland vs Italy / Switzerland vs Bulgaria / Israel vs Faroe Islands / Scotland vs Denmark / Austria vs Moldova / San Marino vs England / Albania vs Andorra / Poland vs Hungary

Tuesday 16 November

Finland vs France / Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Ukraine / Wales vs Belgium / Czech Republic vs Estonia / Gibraltar vs Latvia / Montenegro vs Turkey / Netherlands vs Norway

Friendlies and all other international fixtures are not included in this Gameweek.

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