Opta Euro 2024 Free Games promo. Play, Predict & Win $500,000. Can you beat the Opta Euros Super Bracket?

OPTA SUPER BRACKET | Take your chance to win $500,000!

Ahead of EURO 2024, Opta are giving soccer fans a chance to win $500,000 with their new Super Bracket predictor game!

The Summer of Soccer is almost here, with EURO 2024 kicking off in Germany on Friday night.

So why not try your hand on the brand new OPTA Super Bracket game? There’s $500,000 up for grabs if you can name a perfect bracket!


Fans are tasked with predicting the outcome of the entire tournament – starting with the group stages, then onto the knockout stages all the way through to the final.

The aim is to acquire the most points from your predictions. The five players with the most points will win up to $10,000. If a player manages to create a perfect bracket, they will win a whopping $500,000!

To take part, make sure to sign up to the Opta Super Bracket game mode by following the link here.

Then you can beginning making your picks! Firstly starting off with the group stage.

You can pick six teams to finish in first place, six teams to finish in second place, four teams to finish third but qualify for the knockout stages while the remaining eight teams would end up in the eliminated column.

To stand any chance of naming a perfect bracket, you must only put one team from each group in the first place and second place column. For the third place column, it must be four teams from four separate groups that you feel would qualify under the criteria selection (most points accumulated across three matches). The remaining eight teams would fall under the eliminated column.

However, if you just want to aim your sights at the top five finish to claim a smaller prize, you can ‘double down’ and put two teams in the same group in a certain finishing position to claim more points heading into the knockout stages.

Team have been ranked with total points to progress – the lower the team’s chances of reaching the knockout stages, the more points players are awarded if they correctly guess their progression to the Round of 16.

When the final group stage games have concluded on June 26th, the knockout stage prediction bracket will open shortly after ahead of the first Round of 16 games on June 29th.


For naming a perfect bracket throughout the entire EURO 2024 tournament, there is a grand prize of $500,000!

Alongside the perfect bracket prize, there will be prizes for the five players with the most points at the end of the tournament as follows:

First Place – $10,000

Second Place – $1,000

Third Place – $500

Fourth Place – $300

Fifth Place – $200


Head over to the Opta Games page by clicking the link here.

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