With effect from 10th January 2022, there is no charge for UF+ and all users will receive a free gold UF+ subscription until the end of the 21/22 PL season in May 2022. This has been extended from the initial free period offer of 10 January – 28 February.

Date of last change: 1 December 2021, v2.0

Change summary: Moved to separate page, and updated to match subscription developments.


1.1           This page sets out the terms to any subscriptions on the Ultimate Fan platform (“Subscription Terms”). Please refer separately to the General Terms and Game Rules for the wider terms applicable to your Account usage and gameplay on the Platform.

1.2           These Subscription Terms form part of the General Terms [available from beginning of this page] and you may require access to your Account on the Platform to make the most of the subscription. It is therefore important that you read, and abide by, the General Terms in addition to these Subscription Terms. Where there is conflict between the Subscription Terms and General Terms, the Subscription Terms shall take precedence in the event of and only to the extent of, any such inconsistency. Please note however that we may close your Account if you breach the General Terms and nothing in these Subscription Terms shall affect our right to do so. We will not refund any subscription purchases in the event your Account is closed because you breached the General Terms.

1.3           Unless defined here, any capitalised terms shall have the meaning set out in the General Terms.

1.4           It is important that you read these Subscription Terms carefully before you take out a subscription on the Platform as they set out the legal “contract” as regards to that subscription. When you take out a subscription you confirm that you agree to be bound by the Subscription Terms. If you do not wish to accept these Subscription Terms then please do not take out the subscription as we will consider taking out the subscription as your unqualified acceptance of these Subscription Terms. If you have any questions about these Subscription Terms then please contact us using the contact details on the Platform.

1.5           We may change the Subscription Terms from time to time. If we deem any such change to be material in nature, we will take reasonable steps to bring the change to your attention by either email or a notification on the Platform. By continuing to subscribe, you are deemed to accept any changes from the next subscription payment you make. If you do not wish to agree to such changes then you should terminate your subscription with us.

2.              HOW DO I SUBSCRIBE?

2.1           To subscribe, you must visit the ’UF+’ page on the Platform when logged in to your Account and pay via the Apple or Google stores when prompted to do so.

2.2           You must have an active Account on the Platform to subscribe.


3.1           Your subscription will last for one calendar month, beginning on the day of subscription (“Subscription Start Date”) and will automatically renew exactly one month later at midnight (“Renewal Date”) every month thereafter unless you unsubscribe via the Apple App or Google Play store at least 24 hours before the Renewal Date (“Renewal Deadline”).

3.2           If you unsubscribe before the Renewal Deadline, your subscription will automatically cease on the next Renewal Date (“Subscription End Date”).

3.3           If you unsubscribe between after the Renewal Deadline but before the Renewal Date then your Subscription End Date will be the following Renewal Date. For example, if your Renewal Date is 20 July then your Renewal Deadline is 00:00 on 19 July so if you unsubscribe at 15:00 on 19 July your Subscription End Date will then be 20 August as you missed the Renewal Deadline for July.

4.              HOW DO I UNSUBSCRIBE?

4.1           You can unsubscribe at any time via your account with Apple or Google. You cannot unsubscribe on the Platform itself.

4.2           If you unsubscribe before the Renewal Deadline, no further payments will be taken. If you unsubscribe after the Renewal Deadline, your subscription will stop after the next month so one further payment will be taken.

4.3           If your Account is closed at any time for any reason, you will need to unsubscribe with Apple or Google to stop the subscription. If the subscription is not stopped, you may still be charged but may not receive the subscription benefit. In such circumstances, you can contact Customer Service for a refund.

5.              what are the benefits of subscribing?

5.1           We currently offer two subscription packages:

5.1.1           GOLD: gold subscription gives you access to exclusive content (containing videos, podcasts, previews, tips, articles and more!) as well as one additional gold pack each calendar week containing two gold cards and one silver card.

5.1.2           SILVER: silver subscription gives you access to exclusive content (containing videos, podcasts, previews, tips, articles and more!) as well as one additional silver pack each calendar week containing three silver cards.

5.2           In addition to the above, from time to time we reward our loyal subscribers with additional items, services or exclusive offers (“Promotional Extras”). Such Promotional Extras are purely discretionary and we will notify you when they are available. We provide no guarantee that any Promotional Extras will be available for the duration of your subscription, or that you will be entitled to any and all Promotional Extras simply by subscribing, and therefore your decision on whether to subscribe should be based on the benefits listed in paragraph 5.1 above alone.

5.3           Some subscription benefits may be physical items which are sent to your home address, and others may be electronic items sent to your email address or your Account. You agree that it is your responsibility to ensure your home and email addresses are kept up to date with us and that we cannot be held responsible for any misplaced items in the event you fail to do so.

5.4           Please note that your ongoing receipt and retention of the subscription benefits and any Promotional Extras is subject to your ongoing compliance with the General Terms (which include these Subscription Terms and the Game Rules). We will not refund any subscription purchases in the event your Account is closed because you breached the General Terms.

5.5           In particular, the subscription service is for your personal and non-commercial use only, unless we agree otherwise with you in writing. You are not permitted to sell or otherwise transfer the subscription benefits to any third party.

5.6           The subscription benefits may change from time to time. When the benefits change, we will notify you via the Platform and/or email and/or push notification (if enabled). Please ensure you are aware of the subscription benefits before you purchase the subscription and each subsequent Renewal Deadline.

6.              billing and cancellation

6.1           Billing Cycle. Each subscription has a billing cycle of one month which begins on the Subscription Start Date and ends on the Renewal Date. Payment for the subscription will be taken on or around the Subscription Start Date or Renewal Date (as applicable).

6.2           Payment Methods. To subscribe you must pay via the Google or Apple store. By subscribing, you authorise us to instruct Google / Apple to collect payment from you. All payments are made subject to Google’s / Apple’s terms as updated from time to time. It is your responsibility to ensure that a current payment method is registered with your Google / Apple account so that the subscription fee can be paid.

6.3           Failed Payments. In the event that your payment fails, your subscription will automatically expire and you will not receive any subscription benefits for that month unless you resubscribe.

6.4           Changes to the price and subscription plans. We may change our subscription pricing from time to time; however, any price changes or changes to your subscription plans will apply no earlier than 30 days following notice to you.

7.              MISCELLANEOUS

7.1           Customer Service. If you have any questions at all about these Subscription Terms or our subscription in general then please contact our Customer Service Team using the contact details on the Platform.

7.2           Survival. If any provision or provisions of these Subscription Terms shall be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

7.3           Governing Law. These Subscription Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.


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