UltimateFan has stepped up their next-level fantasy football game in recent weeks, with the introduction of UF Coach NFTs.

The UF Squad has taken a look through the released coaches, selecting a handful of cards that are still available on the market and could make a difference to your team.

Here are the first group of cards that made it onto our Coach Catcher List.

Betsy O’Connor

Betsy O’Connor is the first entry in the Coach Catcher series

Known for her success in developing goal-hungry playmakers, Betsy O’Connor is the coach you need for your cards in the middle of the park.

She will get the best out of your attacking-minded midfielders, with a +2 assist boost and +2 goal boost attached to her attributes.

The Coach card also carries a +1 bonus on tackles, which could benefit players that isn’t afraid to commit to a challenge.

If Betsy was placed on Kevin De Bruyne in GW36, she would have added 11 points on top of his score of 53 points.

O’Connor’s stats boost makes her a worthy addition to your team.

Javier De Leon

Javier De Leon was an ideal candidate for the UF Coach Catcher series

A lover of the modern-day wing-back, Javier De Leon looks to be a perfect fit for your fearless defensive selections.

His bonus points stretch across SOTs, clean sheets, tackles and goals, suiting those full backs with a taste for goal!

De Leon will get the best out of players like Trent Alexander-Arnold, Matty Cash and Marcus Alonso.

If Javier was used on Vitalii Mykolenko in GW36, he would have added 11 points to Mykolenko’s score of 19 points.

De Leon’s all-around stat bonuses make him a must-add card to your collection!

Pippa Jackson

Pippa Jackson is this week’s final entry in the Coach Catcher series

Known for nurturing some of the most prolific goalscorers in modern history, Jackson is considered to be a striker’s dream.

Her +2 SOTs boost and +2 goal boost will turn your top scorer into a deadly weapon on the pitch!

Pippa’s point bonuses will suit some of the more efficient forwards in the league such as Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronald and Mo Saleh.

If Jackson was placed on Richarlison in GW37, she would have landed an extra 13 points on top of Richarlison’s 33 point score.

Pippa’s striker boosts make her a worthwhile purchase for your squad!

To get your hands on any of the three Coach Catcher featurees above, head to Opensea >