With the upcoming release of UltimateFan’s utility NFTs, there may be many of you wanting to buy one but wondering how. This piece will guide you on buying an NFT from UltimateFan when they become available to purchase. 

Crypto Wallets 

Firstly, you need to setup a wallet with MetaMask or an alternative supplier. We recommend MetaMask as the most popular and the crypto wallet supported by the UF game, ready for UF NFT utility use. Should you choose, visit metamask.io and follow the steps to download. Downloading will add MetaMask to your browser, in which your crypto wallet sits.  

u-f.io & OpenSea 

Then, to access the NFTs upon launch, you need to visit u-f.io, which will open the official link to the UltimateFan profile on OpenSea. Here you will be presented by full details of the UF NFTs on offer. 

You will be able to browse which NFT you would like to purchase, and when you find the one that takes your fancy, you can ‘buy now’ (or if it’s already owned, ‘place bid’ – more on that later!). 

Assuming you already have your MetaMask wallet (or alternative crypto wallet) set up, follow the instructions and click the ‘connect button’. Here you’ll need to top up your wallet if necessary to make the purchase. 

You will be asked to review your purchase and if you’re happy with it, you’ll need to click on ‘confirm checkout’. If on MetaMask, a dialogue box will open in your browser, telling you the total of the transaction as well as a gas estimate. Once you’re ready to buy, click ‘confirm’ and after around 30 seconds, the transaction will be confirmed.  

You’ll then be able to see your newly purchased UF NFT in your account on OpenSea. 

NFT Trading 

UF NFTs may be available to purchase from holders after they’ve all been snapped up. These will be available on OpenSea in the UltimateFan account. Visit OpenSea and search for UltimateFan for more details. 


The UF NFTs are cryptoassets. When you buy cryptoassets your capital is at risk. Risks associated with cryptoassets include price volatility, loss of capital (the value of your cryptoassets could drop to zero), complexity, lack of regulation and lack of protection. Low6 does not currently operate in a regulated industry.