The Premier League is nearly upon us, with the UltimateFan game now live for players to create their dream team ahead of the new season.

With plenty of new features such as the marketplace and login streaks, the game has seen plenty of changes that have drummed up excitement among the UF community.

The next change announcement comes in regards to the scoring, with a slight alteration making its way into the game.


While near enough all of the scoring system remains intact from last season, there has been a change in terms of goalscoring.

The number of points a player would receive for scoring has been altered from 10 points to 7 points.

The introduction of this now makes scoring more rounded in UF, with players now considering other options to pick up points rather than relying on players to score.

Scoring for assists (4 points), Shots on target (2 points), clean sheets (DEF only – 3 points) and tackles (1 point) all remain the same.