With only one weekend to go until the greatest football league on the planet returns, football fans are looking forward to the inaugural weekend of the Premier League.

In the final instalment of our UF Summer Series, the team picked out another handful of states that could prove to be helpful for the upcoming season.

Here are this week’s UF Insider stats.


While the big six teams delivered in terms of points scoring, a few teams held some high-scoring players that picked up the points throughout the season.

In terms of overall points by players’ teams scored excluding the big six, Leicester finished with the most points with players racking up 1,854 points between them.

West Ham claimed second with 1,720 points while Aston Villa finished third with 1,695 points.


Harry Kane snatched the UltimateFan MVP award in the 2021/22 season, but it wasn’t purely down to his Premier League performances.

The Spurs striker scored 414 points overall, but it must be noted that 93 points of that total came from the two European gameweeks.

If those points were not counted into the tally, Kane would have finished sixth in the overall scoring chart.


While we know he was a gold card, it seems that Ilkay Gundogan was an underappreciated card in UF last term.

The Man City midfielder was one of the most efficient cards last year, picking up 190 points across 27 Premier League starts.

The German international averaged just over seven points a game, making him a consistent scorer when he was on the pitch.