About UltimateFan

Fantasy football meets pack openings.

This is next level fantasy football.

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About UltimateFan

UltimateFan, or UF for short, is a free-to-play fantasy football game, which brings fantasy together with pack openings.

Launched ahead the 2020 Euros, the game became popular amongst football fans across UK & Ireland through innovative gameplay and huge cash prizes up for grabs. The success of the round-by-round Euros contests led to the launch of the PL edition of UF, followed by multiple NFL editions for North American ‘gridiron’ fans.

Open packs

UltimateFan users of the current PL game build squads by opening card packs, containing players and teams, before setting their lineup to compete in the free, cash prize, contests. New packs drop ahead of every gameweek, and every new user receives a huge 10-card starter pack.

Each gameweek begins afresh, with all users starting on zero points for every contest, so there’s no disadvantage to jumping into UltimateFan halfway through the season.

Win cash prizes

The inaugural PL edition of the game has seen over 100,000 UF users compete for the gameweek cash prizes. Those users have opened over 1.5m packs between them and set over 400,000 different lineups to take on rival fans.

It’s never too late to start playing, check out the gameplay, download the app today and start challenging for those cash prizes!


Utility NFTs

The introduction of Utility NFTs to UltimateFan… nevermind Next Level Fantasy Football. This is rocket propelled Fantasy Football!

Download today and join thousands of others in the league.

Available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Something huge is coming...

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