What is UltimateFan?

UltimateFan, or UF for short, is a next level PL fantasy football game where fantasy football meets pack openings. Instead of having a set budget to choose your squad, you must build your team and set your lineups using cards you have opened from packs.

Contests operate on a gameweek basis, so you can leave those bad gameweeks in the past and start afresh with the next gameweek. Thousands of pounds in cash is available to be won each gameweek.

How much does it cost to play?

UltimateFan is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. All fantasy football contests in app are free-to-enter too!

There are also no fees to withdraw any of your winnings either! All free!

What do I receive upon sign-up?

Once you’ve downloaded, registered (either as a new user or using existing Low6 account credentials) and entered the game, you’ll receive a FREE pack of ten random PL player/team cards to enable you to build your first UltimateFan squad!

Your FREE initial pack will include at least one gold card and two silver cards. The remaining seven cards will be chosen at random and may include additional gold or silver cards, if you are lucky!

Do I receive any further free packs?

Before each gameweek begins, every user receives a ‘base’ pack containing three cards and, as part of UF+ being free for all users until the end of the 21/22 season, a gold pack too. The packs are usually dropped on Tuesdays, although this may change depending on the gameweek schedule (e.g. if there are midweek matches). We will keep you informed of any pack drop changes in-app and across UF social media channels.

The free gameweek base pack contains three entirely random cards, these could be players or teams and can be gold, silver or base cards.

How do I build my UF squad and enter the contests?

See step-by-step at ultimatefan.com/how-to-play.

All fantasy football lineups built are automatically entered into the contests each gameweek.

Can I increase the number of packs I receive?

UF+ gives you an additional gold pack each gameweek, and until the end of the 21/22 season all users will receive UF+ benefits for free.

How do I subscribe to UF+?

You currently do not need to subscribe to UF+. All UF users receive UF+ benefits free of charge until the end of the 21/22 season.

I’m an existing UF+ subscriber, what happens now that UF+ is free till the end of the 21/22 season?

Most users existing UF+ subscriptions have been cancelled automatically from the app store, however we recommend users check their subscriptions within their app store to ensure their UF+ subscription has now expired, or cancel it if it’s still active.

You will have received your full allocation of remaining packs from your paid for subscription in January. This could have been up to four packs, depending on how long before the free period began that your subscription started. These are in addition to the gifted UF+ packs that all users now receive.

What do I get with UF+?

Free till the end of the 21/22 season, all users will receive gold UF+ benefits and this includes access to exclusive UF content which provides previews, gameweek reviews, insight and tips to help build your UF squad and more. The content contains a mix of written articles, audio podcasts and videos.

You also receive a gold pack each gameweek, guaranteeing two gold cards and one silver card per pack.

What determines if a card is gold, silver or base?

The top 10% of players participating in the PL 2021/22 are classified as gold players. The top four teams are classified as gold teams.

The next 30% best players are classified as silver players. The next best six teams are classified as silver teams.

The remaining 60% of players and 10 teams are classified as base players and cards.

The players and teams were allocated by the UF team. You might therefore find the odd base gem! We do not intend to re-allocate players and teams as the season progresses, but will continue to allocate any new players (e.g. January signings) as we see fit.

What happens if I sign-up midway through the PL 2021/22 season?

No problem! Your chances of winning start afresh every gameweek of the season. Each gameweek is a separate contest where all users begin with zero points.

Apart from the initial pack of ten cards, all further packs are allocated to existing users only at the time of the pack drop. If you sign-up midway through the season you will not receive the packs from the gameweeks prior to your sign-up.

What new features should I expect in UF?

We aim to develop and improve UltimateFan to make it the best game it can be.

We have recently introduced invitational leagues, fixture information and injury/suspension flags.

We have many more ideas so stay tuned!

What happens with my Euro 2020 squad? Can I use the same players in the PL game?

UltimateFan initially launched during the Euro 2020 tournament before converting to a PL based game at the start of the 2021/22 PL season.

Cards collected during the Euro 2020 tournament cannot be used in contests based on the PL. However, all cards are kept to one side in case they become useful in the future.


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