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What is UltimateFan?

UltimateFan, or UF for short, is a next level fantasy football game brought to you by the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Chargers, where fantasy football meets pack openings. Instead of having a set budget to choose your squad, you must build your roster and set your weekly lineups using cards you have opened from packs.

Contests operate on a weekly basis through the regular season, so you can leave those bad weeks in the past and start afresh with the next week. Prizes are up for grabs every week and detailed within the game.

How much does it cost to play?

All UltimateFan games are free to play, available online and inside franchise apps. All fantasy football contests in game are free-to-enter too!

There are also no fees to claim your winnings either! All free!

What do I receive upon sign-up?

Once you’ve registered (either as a new user or using existing account credentials) and entered the game, you’ll receive a FREE squad pack of 15 random NFL player/team cards to enable you to build your first squad! Your FREE initial pack will include at least three gold cards, five silver cards and five base cards. The remaining two cards will be chosen at random and may include additional gold or silver cards, if you are lucky!

Do I receive any further free packs?

Before each week begins, every user receives a weekly pack containing four cards. The pack is usually dropped on Tuesdays, although this may change depending on the NFL schedule. We will keep you informed of any pack drop changes in-game.

This free weekly squad pack contains one gold card, one silver card, one base card and one randomly chosen card. These can be player or team cards.

You can further earn more packs through login streaks, simply login everyday to get the best packs, and friend referral, new sign-ups using your referral code will earn you both an extra pack.

How do I build my UF squad and enter the contests?

See our step-by-step essential guide to playing here:

All fantasy football lineups built are automatically entered into the upcoming contests.

Can I increase the number of packs I receive?

New for the 2022 season, you can earn additional packs through two methods.

LOGIN STREAK: logging in on consecutive days will earn you packs and the more frequently you login the better your pack rewards become!

FRIEND REFERRAL: use your refer-a-friend code and both you and the new sign-up will receive a free pack.

What determines if a card is gold, silver or base?

The players and teams have been allocated by the UF team, using power rankings and projected performances. You might therefore find the odd silver or base gem on a breakout season!

We do not intend to re-allocate players and teams as the season progresses, but will continue to allocate any new players (e.g. new acquisitions) as we see fit.

What happens if I sign-up midway through the 2022 NFL season?

No problem! Your chances of winning start afresh every week of the season. Each week is a separate contest where all users begin with 0 points.

Apart from the initial pack of 15 cards, all further packs are allocated to existing users only at the time of the pack drop. If you sign-up mid-way through the season you will not receive the packs from the weeks prior to your sign-up.

What new features should I expect in UF?

We aim to develop and improve our games to make it the best they can be.

Additionally from last season’s games, we have introduced  invitational leagues. Our sister game in the UK, covering the EPL, offers upcoming fixture information and injury/suspension information, which we hope to rollout the same soon here in the states.

We have many more ideas too, so stay tuned!

What happens with the playoffs?

The contests end at the conclusion of the regular season. The last contest in each game will be for NFL Week 18.