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UltimateFan USA - Game Rules

Date of last update: 28 September 2022, v.2.1.

2022-09-28 update: Minor changes relating to lineup setting mechanic and scoring breakdown access.


1.1 This page sets out the rules applicable to each fantasy contest on the Ultimate Bengals and Ultimate Chargers UltimateFan fantasy game (“Game Rules”).

1.2 These Game Rules form part of the General Terms (available via link in footer). It is therefore important that you read the General Terms in addition to these Game Rules. Where there is conflict between the Game Rules and General Terms, the Game Rules shall take precedence in the event of and only to the extent of, any such inconsistency.

1.3 Unless defined here, any capitalised terms shall have the meaning set out in the General Terms.

1.4 It is important that you read these Game Rules carefully before you play a Game on UltimateFan as they govern each Game entry. When you register an Account and/or enter a Game you confirm that you agree to be bound by the Game Rules. If you do not wish to accept these Game Rules then please do not register an Account with us or use your Account as we will consider both Account registration and playing UltimateFan as your unqualified acceptance of these Game Rules. If you have any questions about these Game Rules then please contact us using the contact details on UltimateFan.

1.5 We may change the Game Rules from time to time. If we deem any such change to be material in nature, we will take reasonable steps to bring the change to your attention by either email or a notification on UltimateFan. By continuing to use UltimateFan, and by entering a Game after any such change, you are deemed to accept any changes. If you do not wish to accept any changes to the Game Rules you must contact Customer Service to request the closure of your Account.

1.6 These Game Rules apply only to the UltimateFan games specified at the start of the General Terms. If you use your Account with us to access any Other Platform different rules may apply and you are encouraged to read them accordingly.


2.1 Each Game on UltimateFan operates as a ‘fantasy’ style contest where you select a fantasy team (“Fantasy Team”) from UF Cards you own which represent real-life football players and teams, and your Fantasy Team is scored based on the real-life performance of your UF Cards during the applicable round of matches (“Fixture Round”).

2.2 There are presently two forms of Games made available on UltimateFan:

2.2.1 There are ‘public’ contests in which all users on UltimateFan who have built their Fantasy Team automatically participate and, where advertised, the winners win prizes made available by us (“Public Game(s)”);

2.2.2 There are ‘private’ contests where only users in the relevant invitational league participate and no prizing is made available by us (“Private Game(s)”).

2.3 In these Game Rules, each individual Public Game and Private Game is referred to as a “Game”.

2.4 The availability and timing of Games on UltimateFan is not fixed and subject to our sole discretion, but Games are usually scheduled to coincide with a round of competitive NFL fixtures.

2.5 All Games are free-to-play, and for Public Games where prizing is advertising all contest prizes are currently ‘guaranteed’ which means they are seeded by us and the prizing does not fluctuate depending on how many or little users enter the Game.


3.1 All users who have built their Fantasy Team for the applicable Fixture Round are automatically entered in to each Public Game, as well as each Private Game for any friends leagues that they have joined. This is the case even if not all Cards in your chosen Fantasy Team are playing in the applicable Fixture Round.

3.2 To build your Fantasy Team you must:

3.2.1 log in to your Account on the applicable UltimateFan platform (i.e. Ultimate Bengals or Ultimate Chargers);

3.2.2 enter the squad page from the navigational bar;

3.2.3 edit your lineup by using the presented pitch and active squad of UF Cards;

3.2.4 tap on the UF Card you want to include in your Fantasy Team and then tap the position you would like them to be placed in;

3.2.5 apply the “Golden Helmet” and “Golden Football” modifiers in the same manner to chosen player Cards; and

3.2.6 hit “Confirm” in the top right corner to save your changes.

3.3 After you have built your Fantasy Team, you can edit it as many times as you like (by repeating the steps in paragraph 3.2 above) until one minute before the first fixture in the Fixture Round commences. From that point, Fixture Round will be considered ‘in-play’ and you will not be able to make any further changes to your Fantasy Team (both in respect of the in-play Fixture Round and future Fixture Rounds) until that Fixture Round is over and the Game has been settled. Once settlement of any prizes has occurred, you can edit your Fantasy Team again.


4.1 There is currently no cost to enter any Game on UltimateFan; however, please note that you require internet access to use UltimateFan and ordinary data charges may apply from your mobile or broadband provider.


5.1 You can only build one Fantasy Team per Account and each person can only have one Account. You can therefore only enter each Game once.

5.2 If we suspect that any one Account has made more than one entry to a Game (due to e.g. a technical glitch or other Malfunction), we reserve the right to void all additional entries beyond the first.

5.3 If we have a reasonable suspicion that any one individual has created more than one Account to submit additional entries to any Game, we reserve the right to consider this a serious breach and void all entries made by that individual, block all of that individual’s Accounts from submitting future Game entries, and / or further suspend or close the applicable Accounts as appropriate. As per the General Terms, this will lead to any UF Cards and UF Packs on the closed Account(s) being removed without compensation.

5.4 When assessing whether to void any entries on the grounds that the maximum number of entries per individual may have been exceeded, we may, at our sole discretion acting reasonably, base our decision on the entrant’s email address, mobile number, name, IP address or any other information, data, or any other variables or factors.


6.1 Once a Game is “live”, you can see your confirmed Fantasy Team for that Game, your rank and the points scored so far by visiting the line-up screen when logged into your Account.

6.2 Where there is any disagreement as to the details or status of a Game entry (i.e. who was picked in your Fantasy Team, and which UF Cards you applied your mods to), our records will be the determinative.


7.1 Each UF Card selected in your Fantasy Team is allocated points based on their real-life performances during the Fixture Round. Full scoring breakdown is available here under the ‘Scoring’ section and also accessible via the ‘Scoring’ section within contests on the leaderboard within the game.

7.2 Simply, the users with the highest scoring Fantasy Team will occupy the highest positions in the leaderboard in the relevant Game.  

7.3 In the event that more than one user accumulates the same amount of points in a Game, the leaderboard position will be shared with the following positions adjusted accordingly. For example:

7.3.1 if two users finished with the equal most amount of points, those two users will both finish first and the next placed user(s) will finish third;

7.3.2 if two users finished with the equal most amount of points and another two users finished with the second most amount of points, the two users with the most points will both place first, the two users with the second most of points will both place third and the next placed user(s) will finish fifth.


8.1 We use a data feed which allows us to automatically determine if a UF Card should be allocated points based on the match statistics during the Fixture Round.

8.2 Points allocations are shown preliminarily whilst the Fixture Round is live and in progress but, save where stated otherwise in these Game Rules or the General Terms, points allocations are confirmed when the relevant Fixture Round ends and the results are published. Any changes to the result after the original result is published (including by the relevant governing association, body or organisation) will not be taken into account.

8.3 The following general rules will apply as regards to allocating points:

8.3.1 if any football match is not completed for any reason and the football match is not re-arranged to take place on or before the Fixture Round was originally scheduled to end, that football match shall no longer be considered to form part of the Fixture Round even if it takes place at a later date.

8.3.2 If a UF Card named in your Fantasy Team does not play in any Fixture Round then that UF Card will receive zero (0) points and they will not be replaced by anyone who is not selected in your Fantasy Team. There are no ‘substitutes’ or ‘replacements’.

8.4 The performance metrics for points allocations for all UF Cards can be found on the information icon located in the top right hand corner of individual contests within the leaderboard section of the game.

8.5 You can increase the number of points that two of the player Cards in your selected Fantasy Team receive each Game by applying the following items:

8.5.1 Golden Football
The chosen player will receive double points for each touchdown scored during the Fixture Round.

8.5.2 Golden Helmet
The chosen player will have all his points doubled for that Fixture Round.


9.1 There are no prizes made available by us for any Private Game.

9.2 The prize(s) awarded to the winner(s) of each Public Game will be prominently advertised by us on UltimateFan prior to the Game. Except in the case of an obvious error, the advertised prizes will be the prizes awarded for each Public Game.

9.3 The prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable. Some prizes will be redeemable at specific times and dates only (for example, fixtures for a football match or a ‘meet and greet’) – in such cases, if you are unable to attend the prize will be forfeited and no alternative compensation will be available.


10.1 Points are allocated to UF Cards in accordance with the rules in section 8 above.

10.2 The winner(s) will be the entrants with the most points accumulated. Unless stated otherwise, every Public Game will be ‘won’ and no prizes are ‘carried over’ to future Games.

10.3 In Public Games, the “Info” tab in the top right corner of individual contests within the leaderboard section sets out how many winners there are for each Game and how prizes are split between winners.

10.4 If more than one user occupies a prize winning position on the leaderboard in a Public Game, then the following tie breakers shall apply in the order listed until a sole winner for each prize winning position can be determined:

10.4.1 the tied user who has scored the most touchdowns in that Fixture Round;

10.4.2 the tied user who has the highest scoring quarterback in that Fixture Round;

10.4.3 a random draw between any remaining tied users.

10.5 Notwithstanding the above, additional prizes may be introduced and awarded at our sole discretion. Any further terms / rules for such additional prizes will be published by us as and when applicable.


11.1 Following each Public Game, we will closely review the results (checking in particular for any breaches of the Game Rules and General Terms) and determine the winners of any prizes.

11.2 Winners will be contacted by email with their prize or instructions on how to claim / withdraw their prize. You may be required to sign a waiver or other document to obtain your prize.

11.3 If we suspect that there has been a breach of the General Terms or Game Rules then additional checks may apply and winners may be required to provide further information and / or documentation to verify their eligibility and adherence to the General Terms and the Game Rules to our satisfaction.


12.1 What happens if I forget to submit my team for the upcoming Game?
As per paragraph 3.1, all users are automatically entered into each Game provided that they have previously confirmed their line-up at least once.

12.2 What happens if I forget to confirm the changes to my line-up before the Game closes for entries?
Sorry, any unconfirmed changes will not be taken into account for that Game. As per paragraph 3.2 you are required to confirm any changes made when in transfer mode – this is primarily for your own benefit to reduce the chances of accidental changes being made.

12.3 What happens if not all the UF Cards in my Fantasy Team play during a Game?
We will score your Fantasy Team based on the Cards who do play. You do not receive any points for Cards who are not selected as part of your Fantasy Team. There are no substitutes where a UF Card does not play during the Fixture Round.

12.4 What happens if my ‘Golden Helmet’ or ‘Golden Football’ Card does not play during a Game?
Sorry, as per paragraph 12.3 above we only score based on the Fantasy Team selected. You should choose carefully when picking who to apply your Golden Helmet and Golden Football to, but be aware that you lose the opportunity to boost your points in that Game if the chosen UF Card does not play.

12.5 What happens if I win a Public Game joint with other users? Do we each get the full prize?
Unfortunately not. If more than one user(s) finish with equal amounts of points in a prize winning position then the prize winner for that position will be determined in accordance with the tie breaker procedure in paragraph 10.4 above – only one of you will be walking away with a prize.

12.6 What happens if there is an error with settlement?
In the rare event that we settle a Game Event incorrectly, we will look into the matter promptly and resettle the Game Event correctly. The leaderboard will be updated to reflect any resettlement. If you think we have made an error with settlement which has not been corrected then please let our Customer Service team know and we will look into it!


13.1 In the interests of fairness and integrity, we do not generally intend to remove a Game after participants (including you) have been invited to enter.

13.2 We do however reserve the right to refuse entries at our sole discretion and we may also cancel / void, suspend or adjust any Game:

13.2.1 to correct any obvious errors or Malfunctions as set out in the General Terms;

13.2.2 to maintain integrity and fairness;

13.2.3 if there has been a change to a football match (such as postponement) such that the football match can no longer feasibly form part of the Fixture Round.

13.3 We may further cancel, revoke, withhold, suspend, or otherwise adjust any Game entry (and any related winnings or transactions) in full or in part and/or suspend or cancel your Account where:

13.3.1 law and regulation requires that we do so;

13.3.2 we ask for further verification from you, which is not forthcoming;

13.3.3 we know or have reasonable cause to suspect that you have cheated, or have attempted to cheat, in a Game, or engages in activity which contradicts the fundament premise of any Game or UltimateFan in general;

13.3.4 we know or have reasonable cause to suspect that you have or have attempted to collude, or you and other individuals have colluded or attempted to collude in, influencing or attempting to influence the outcome of a Game (regardless if any such attempt was successful);

13.3.5 we know or have reasonable cause to suspect that you have engaged, or attempted to engage in fraud, criminal or other illegal practice;

13.3.6 you have invalidly requested a chargeback or have denied any transactions on your account;

13.3.7 you have more than one Account at any one time;

13.3.8 you are found to be in breach of the General Terms (including these Game Rules);

13.3.9 there is a Malfunction as per the General Terms which results in a “falsely attributed” or “improper” settlement – in such circumstances you also acknowledge and confirm that we reserve the right to void any relevant bet and to re-credit your account balance and/or to refund your stake where we choose to do so and thereby putting you in the position you would have been prior to any error;

13.3.10 we believe an entry has been placed in contravention of the rules of a sports’ governing body (such as NFL) or other relevant professional body; or

13.3.11 we wish to (or are otherwise required to) make further enquiries as to any of the above.

13.4 If there is any disagreement as to the details of a particular Game entry then our own records shall always prevail. You acknowledge and confirm that our own records (or feed provider records where applicable) will determine the outcome of games. In the unlikely event of a conflict between the result that appears on your screen and our game servers you agree that the records on our game servers shall prevail. You also confirm that our own records and enquiries will be considered final and authoritative in determining same. The foregoing does not, however, affect your statutory rights.


14.1 Private Games are generally subject to the same rules as Public Games, save the additional rules that follow.

14.2 In order to enter a Private Game, you must join the relevant friends league (“League”). To ensure that our Platform remains a safe space for all our users, the following rules apply to the creation and administration of any League:

14.2.1 the user who creates the League is automatically assigned as the League ‘admin’ and will be deemed primarily responsible for the safe running of that League;

14.2.2 the name chosen for the League must not be profane, derogatory, discriminatory, divisive, offensive, used to promote another business, or otherwise inappropriate – we reserve the right to re-name or delete any league we deem (in our sole discretion) is in breach of this paragraph, and in the most serious cases we may close the Account of the League admin who chose the name;

14.2.3 upon League creation, the admin is given an alphanumeric code to share with users who they wish to invite to their League – it is the responsibility of the League admin to safeguard this code and only share with users who they wish to join their League;

14.2.4 a League cannot be created or used for any commercial purpose, which shall include but not be limited to (i) charging for entry into a League; or (ii) making entry to a League conditional on the purchase of goods / services (incl. subscriptions) – if we discover or reasonably believe this to be the case, we may delete the League and close the Account of the users involved;

14.2.5 should prizing be advertised by a third party for any League / Private Game, the awarding of such prizing is the sole responsibility of the third party offering such prizing; and

14.2.6 in all circumstances, no charge can be levied against users to enter any League – in the event we discover or reasonably believe a charge has been paid by users to participate in a League, we may delete the League and close the Accounts of the users involved.

14.3 Overall, the League function is made available to users on a recreational basis only to allow users to compete in smaller groups for ‘bragging rights’. We cannot be held responsible for the management of any League, or any loss suffered through any users’ involvement in such League, or any additional prizes advertised externally, including but not limited to where a League is deleted or users are removed from the League by either us or the admin.