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How to play

Step-by-step guide to opening packs, setting lineups & winning prizes!

Open packs to collect cards

Begin and build your ultimate journey by opening packs to reveal randomly selected cards for your roster. 

Ultimate Chargers and Ultimate Bengals Squad Pack

Open your squad pack

Upon first login you will receive a 15-card squad pack, with all the cards required to make up your first lineup. Cards within this pack, and all packs, are rated gold, silver and base. Gold cards are most likely to pick up points for your fantasy team and are the rarest in the game.

Ultimate Chargers and Ultimate Bengals weekly Pack

Open more packs weekly

After this initial squad pack you will receive a weekly pack every Tuesday through the regular season, containing four cards, and further packs for simply logging in daily, as well as referring friends to the game.

To rip open your packs, simply click the pack image on screen, then scroll through the cards inside to check out which NFL players and teams have been added to your roster.

Manage your team

When ready to set your lineup each week of the regular season, navigate to your team, either directly from your pack opening or via the “MY TEAM” banner on the game homepage.

Ultimate Chargers fantasy football roster selection

Filter your roster

You will be presented by your maximum 50 card roster on the right hand side, which can be filtered by position.

Ultimate Bengals fantasy football roster selection

PRESS & HOLD TO move cards

Add cards to your lineup or change players within your lineup by pressing the card you wish to add/move and dropping into the position you’d like them to place in. When you press the card, only possible positions will show to drop the card into.

Ensure you set a full lineup by adding cards to all of the available positions, these are; team, running back, tight end, x2 wide receivers, quarterback and a flex position (RB / TE / WR).

UltimateFan NFL mods golden football and golden helmet

Use mods to boost points

Once all positions are filled, apply your mods to two of your player cards. Players with the golden football will score double points on touchdowns, whilst players with the golden helmet will score double points for everything.

Confirm your team

When you are happy with your lineup, click on the green “Confirm” at the top right of the set lineup. This will lock in your lineup for upcoming contests. 

You can return to edit this right up until the deadline for each contest.

Next Contest

Your confirmed lineup will be entered into upcoming contests, with the next contest detailed at the top of your squad, including time till the deadline.

Be sure to select the cards most likely to score points, based on the scoring system below.

Contests & leagues

Then it’s time to compete in contests!

You can check which contests you’re active in, how you’re getting on within these contests and how you scored in previous contests, by clicking on the “Leaderboards” tab at the top of the game.

UltimateFan fantasy football game modes for Ultimate Chargers & Ultimate Bengals

Overall & Clash

Every player is automatically entered into the Overall and Clash contests for each week, with team prizes up for grabs in the fanbase Overall contest and cards going to Clash league winners. Clash randomly assigns you four rivals each week.

Create league plus icon

Create Friends Leagues

You can enter further contests with friends by creating or joining an invitational league. Click the + button and follow instructions in-game to be part of an invitational league.


  • Touchdown 4
  • 200-299 Yards 1
  • 300-349 Yards 2
  • 350+ Yards 3
  • Touchdown 6
  • 40-99 Yards 1
  • 100+ Yards 3
  • Touchdown 6
  • 50+ Yards 1
  • Reception 1
  • Interception -1
  • Fumble Lost -1
  • GAME
  • Win 5
  • Loss -1
  • 40-49 Yards 1
  • 50+ Yards 2
  • Sack 1
  • Interception 2
  • Return Touchdown 6
  • 0 Points 8
  • 1-13 Points 2
  • 14-28 Points
  • 29+ Points -3